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47 dead in attacks by the syrian regime’s militia in homs

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sunday night, in karm il zeitoun, homs, syria, the pro-assad regime militia went into the homes of civilians and slit their throats, stabbed them, and burned them only hours after kofi annan’s second day of talks with syrian president bashar al-assad.

kofi annan was widely criticized for his visit to syria after claiming he is against any intervention and he says now that ‘ending the violence is going to be a difficult task … but he is nonetheless optimistic’ and says that he has presented a set of proposals to the president which will have a real impact to the ground once it is agreed and it will launch the process, however, much to no one’s surprise, he failed to share the details of his proposal.

the reality is that he has nothing to take back the united nations, the arab league, and the syrians, and almost a year later the security council has so far failed miserably in it’s responsibility to the syrian people ‘in the eyes of the overwhelming majority of the world,’ remarks uk foreign secretary william hague.

it’s been almost a year exactly of massacres with over 8,000 dead and tens of thousands wounded for life, arrested, displaced, targeted, threatened, and the world can’t agree on sending humanitarian aid.

china and russia, the two nations responsible for stalled action on the behalf of the united nations have softened their stance but that doesn’t say too much. china has announced two million dollars in aid to the international committee of the red cross but has no mention of the regime change or sanctions and russia has softened it’s stance but is in essence telling syrians to relax, refuses to intervene in syrian relations, and claims they are not protecting the regime but instead protecting international law. it almost makes you wonder if russia only received half of the memos on international law and humanitarian rights.

the syrian national council, which until now has requested no more than arms for the syrian people now is calling for immediate arab and international military intervention. the snc leader, ghalioun who has emerged as the voice of reason and symbol of the future of syria is now under attack has he’s called upon for results. the united nations panel reports that the syrian government subjecting civilians to mass punishment, and by now the world should know that the syrian people are all one, all sects are being oppressed by the regime in the same way. the blood of the syrian people is lining the streets of baba amr, homs, and the least we can do is try to save syria from an even deeper catastrophe which would be nothing but a higher death toll.

the women of the syrian city of homs say they await any improvement in the situation in syria as well as an improvement on the aid they receive. ‘we are crying a lot’ she says.

assad is clearly achieving his goals and political dialouge won’t work. as kofi annan and his ‘optimism’ leave syria for doha, qatar, perhaps he should take some advice from the qatari prime minister (and foreign minister) sheikh hamad bin jassem bin jabor, al-thani, who earlier spoke with media, and said that the arabs could not wait indefinitely as the syrian regime ‘eradicates syrian cities one by one.’ at this point peacekeeping forces from the arab league and the united nations, arms for the syrian people for self-defense, or military intervention that stems from an alliance of the west, nato, and the arab league.

the reality of the arab league is that it doesn’t possess a serious military force. not one nation, other than egypt who for obvious reasons should be ruled out as an option, has the military capability to spark the start of an intervention.

the way i see it, kofi annan and the un has thus far failed, perhaps if we got rid of the veto power of the united nations and had a majority rule, there would be more justice shown towards the people fighting for the future of syria. and this is a game of numbers. close to a hundred people are dying on average a day and the worth of syrian blood has been reduced to nothing. navi pillay, the un human rights commissioner said that about 5,000 syrian civilians have been killed since march, and he’s calling for the assad regime to referred to the international criminal court (icc) where luis moreno ocampo would be tasked with creating the case for assad’s prosecution.

at the moment it appears that assad won’t have a change of heart and it seems that he really believes that he’s going to get away with these massacres. and frankly why shouldn’t he? while the world seems to be perhaps rightfully and brutally realistic and cautious about the options for syria, assad has been proven right. the international community is still not serious about intervention. assad won’t let up and if anything the attacks have escalated. like those before him he has absolutely no incentive to relinquish power, and if anything, he has all the reason to keep aggressively murdering his people in order to maintain power, otherwise he risks subjecting his family and regime to living the rest of their lives under prosecution, imprisonment, and/or assassination.

i have my own problems with the statement i’m about to make and as i have flashbacks of iraq, yemen, yugoslavia, and others it must be said that i’m beginning to really believe that military intervention (with all of the risks, negatives, and potential harm) may be our best option in a choice of terrible options. it seems like even the most minute militarily influenced threat, may be the only chance and card we have to play to perhaps make assad stop, weigh his options, or at the least slow down. one thing seems clear though, any launched diplomatic or military effort should not stem from one person, even if it is kofi annan. any intervention must be a collaboration which can set the stage for deployment of international peacekeeping forces from several nations.

my most sincere and every thought and prayer, if you will, are with the syrian people. the men, women, children, fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, and worst of all the refugees, who watch from abroad … who are not only displaced physically but emotionally from being with their families and no doubt protecting them in a time at which they are most vulnerable. every day i am completely amazed at your resilience and your exemplary heroism.

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Written by lena badr

March 12, 2012 at 12:50 pm

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